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", "Miss Laegrinna, you look gorgeous in battle. We cannot be beaten when we work together! ", "This cannot keep up! I'll continue my will to devote without being too proud of this first place.\" 4. ", "Your ability with the spear is awe-inspiring, Master Yukimura! ", "My lord! ", "I know I can make it through this chaos if you are with me. Prof. ZHAO Yun is Professor and Head of Department of Law at the University of Hong Kong. ", "Your skills have grown, Xingcai. A chance for survival, and peace. ", "Things look bad. Victory is mine! ", "From here on out, I shall fight for you! The fate of Lord Liu Bei and the entire land rests on this battle! ", "The enemy is strong! ", "The Emperor would like us to suppress the, "One can only speculate on their true intentions. I'm happy to have found such a trustworthy ally. Zhao Yun Voice Dynasty Warriors 7 Video Game Behind The people have abandoned this castle due to the chaos. ", "Lady Wang Yuanji, a brilliant performance. One of a very select few characters (in both anime and VG) whose voice sounds just as delicious in Japanese as it does in English... ;) 123 Magic Power. In the fifth century, Pei Songzhi added annotations from the Yun Biezhuan (雲別傳; Unofficial Biography of (Zhao) Yun) to Zhao Yun's biography in the Sanguozhi, providing a relatively clearer, though still incomplete picture of Zhao's life. It is an honor to fight alongside you, Master Lu Bu. You have earned my respect! ", "They're here for the prisoner! What incredible bravery! Zhao Yun is stated to be on the front lines subjugating Nightmares by Kongming. Your army moves with the swiftness of a dragon! ", "I am Zhao Yun of Chang Shan! Leave the enemy to me and quickly get to a safer position. I see your strength comes by way of your conviction. Lend me your aid! - "I'm always up for a rematch. ", "Everyone get ready! ", "Many thanks for your assistance! ", "Did you think that I would fall for such a simple trick! Will you join me in playing with these children? ", "My lord, your swordsmanship is unrivaled! I hope that you will join me in assisting Lord Liu Bei to create a world of virtue. Dynasty Warriors Advance had just Sun Ce. ", "Our scouts report that a number of enemy ambush troops have stationed themselves throughout the battlefield. ", "A vast land awaits us... Let us begin by making the Central Plains ours! Please forgive me...", "Everybody, get ready! ", "Ah, excellent! Zhang Fei's officer defeating quote. ", "For the sake of my lord, I cannot fall here! Zhao Yun (Chinese: 趙雲, born in 1974, Zhejiang province, China) is a Hong Kong lawyer, specialist in space law, international economic law and other areas of law. 0 … He is also Chen An Chair Professor in International Law at Xiamen University (2015), Siyuan Scholar Chair Professor at Shanghai University of Foreign Trade (2012-14). ", "Master Setsuna, you've made all the difference again. But next time I shall emerge victorious! ", "You don't waste a single movement, Miss Ayane. ", "It is good to enjoy a fine party every once in a while. I want you to form a ring in order to hold off the enemy. Zhao Yun is one of the most popular general in Three Kingdoms period. However, the outcome of this battle is not decided yet! Let's turn this around! I must not be captured here! ", "My devotion and commitment have taken me to the top. I am in need of your kind assistance! Franco Quote. I will cover your flank. ", "I am grateful for your help! ", "I can see that it will take all of my strength to defeat you... You have become a fine warrior, Xingcai. ", "We must keep our composure in battle at all times. ", "Master Liu Bei! ", "We've come a long way together, haven't we? But do not overextend yourself. Let's go! ", "Xing Cai is a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms! We must live up to our lord's expectations and lead our forces to victory! ", "I shall measure the extent of your abilities in battle! ", "Did they think that I'd fall for their ambush?! He is Professor and Head of the Department of Law of the University of Hong Kong Around the DW4 days, Zhao Yun shared top billing. ", "Miss Kasumi, you fight so well! ", "I don't see any way out of this... Perhaps this battle is to be my last...", "My devotion and commitment have taken me to the top! You are the rock upon which my heart is built. ", "I can't hold out much longer. ", "I can't hold out much longer... Somebody, I am in need of assistance! Everybody, I want you to give it your all! ", "Let us see if you are able to avoid this! ", "Master Nobunyaga, you fight with great ambition. ", "Okay, mission accomplished. ", "What a stunning display of strength. ", "Great work as always! ", "I could not have asked for anything more! ", "An ambush... Everybody, we must hurry to meet their attack! ", "Now is the time to show the enemy what we've got! I relish the challenge! Quotes By Zhao Yun. "Honorable Prefect, I am known as Zhao Yun. ", "We all shared the things we do best with each other. ", "I propose a deal. ", "We should get moving, my lord! ", "You've become the ruler of a territory all your own now. You can bring them back by making a name for yourself in battle. ", "Look at the smiling faces of the people! ", "Always try to find and exploit an enemy's weakness! ", "My dedication raises me to new heights! I could not ask for more! Officer...defeat! ", "Move it or I'll end your miserable life! There will be no losing for us! ", "Let me go! ", "No, my lord! I believe it to be mutually beneficial. ", "Thank you! ", "Now is the time to attack! Gallery quotes are unlocked once the Regard for the character is at least 55. I taught them how to ride a horse while carrying a baby, but I'm not sure how often they'll actually need to do that. My sweetest beloved. Lu Xun's officer defeating quote. This is where we will make our stand! ", "I, Zhao Yun, have arrived with reinforcements! Go and show me what you can do. You have my congratulations. I only ask that you give them a chance. ", "You settled that with style. ", "I challenge any and all comers to test me in the art of battle! ", "Our rear line has thinned! The PSP game had Gan Ning and Zhen Ji. ", "Tch. ", "Did you think you could break through our forces? ", "Your techniques are the best, Master Darius. ", "Master Setsuna, your valor is incredible. We must capture the enemy base at all costs! - "Why can't we end this quietly? ", "All units halt! Hier findest du eine große Auswahl von Romance of the three kingdoms mobile getestet und in dem Zuge die markantesten Unterschiede recherchiert. So the day has come that you would turn your blade on me...", "Lord Liu Shan... You would oppose me, after all that we have been through? 25 Magic Defense. ", "Miss Chris, how elegant you are in battle! My heart sings in hopes of presenting you a world that finally knows peace. Drown it in a sea of fire! He is listed as arbitrator in several international arbitration commissions. ", "Lord Liu Bei, I shall do what I can to help you realize your goal! ", "Everyone, stop! I shall retreat... for now. ", "Ah, so you have come to serve us instead. But we shall win the next one! You have overawed me again. Okay, we will fall back to the base for now! Our defenses must remain strong. ", "You are a warrior after my own liking. ", "There's a lot I can learn from you, Master William. ", "My lady, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms! ", "Lady Tamaki. Retreat quickly! "Only the fearless heart can soar to the heavens!" ", "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms! ", "Our forces are invincible! ", "Are you here to lend a hand? info)) (died 229), courtesy name Zilong (子龍), was a military general who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China. It was like watching a dragon ascend to heaven. ", "The advantage is ours! ", "Make sure you've made your preparations! Tighten your defenses! With you along, how can we lose? ", "Master Liu Bei! But I never imagined someone like this. Start the counterattack! ", "Your strategies in battle shone brightly above all else. Please assist us! ", "Our orders are to take out the enemy general. ", "Yukimura Sanada, you are an Unrivaled Warrior! Let's get moving. To Zhaou Yun About Zhao Yun (Kongming to Gangrim): "Zhao Yun is on the front lines and when she hears the news that you subjugated another Nightmar, your fiancee won't get off work to catch up to you" ", "I tried to find my place in this chaos. Zilong/Zhao Yun Quote. ", "I want everybody to attack the main camp! I am glad to have met such a wonderful comrade. You can bring them back by making a name for yourself in battle. Don't throw away your life so carelessly! What a kind and virtuous heart you have. ", "I would like to present you with this spear for your performance. ", "Your sword leaves none standing in its wake. ", "It is reassuring to have an ally like you. Okay, we will fall back for now! It is not exaggerating to say he is the most famous people in the Ancient China history. ", "It seems you were not able to live up to your potential in this battle. Lu Bu was the character who graced the promotional materials and cover for DW4 and DW4XL (well, his weapon, anyway). Are you going to lend a hand? And yet, the smile of a child is a wonder to behold...", "We've worked hard to fulfill our aspirations. ", "Honoka-style is most impressive. ", "And the path continues on! Those smiles are what lend strength to our arms and speed to our feet. ", "Master Yukimura, let us face each other in glorious battle! Use this to help you feel better. ", "If you want to live, stay close together. ", "Victory is ours! ", "Alright, we shall take advantage of this weakness. ", "Very well. I will cover your flank. ", "You put yourself in danger for me? I have to try and keep up., "Doushite shizu koto ga dekiyo." ", "Impressive... Next time I shall emerge victorious! You've lured the enemy straight into an ambush. ", "I will bring the chaos to an end. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. ", "And now, we fight for the birth of a new country! I hope you achieve your ideals, one day. ", "I was quite impressed with your deeds on the battlefield. ", "Forward! I could learn much from you! We need the help. ", "Very good! ", "Fall back in with the unit! You can count on me, don't worry. Forgive me! ", "I have failed you my lord. Hah I beat an officer! ", "You will see that it takes more than this to get an advantage over me. Those who know who I can be, who I really am, what I was, what I will grow and watch me. It is more than I could ever ask for. ", "I wield my spear in the name of justice! Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. ", "Excuse me! It would really help if you came with me. ", "Most impressive, Master Yukimura... you leave no opening for my attacks...", "Excellent! Are your hands shaking so badly you can't even hold onto your weapon? However, I know that you will not miss out on such an opportunity again. I look forward to seeing you in action. ", "What? Our first victory! ", "I am honored to fight with you, my lord! Destroying it is our best strategy. ", "Let us make an oath. Your calm demeanor is most impressive. Now it's to show the warriors of the three kingdoms of China! Feast your eyes on the great might that people call Zhao Yun! DW4:E had Zhao Yun, Xiahou Dun, and Sun Ce on the cover. True peace is within our grasp! We must help them! ", "I am going to move ahead. ", "I could hardly believe you could do that alone, but do not overextend yourself. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. ", "Such impressive skill!I shall match your exploits! ", "There is only one path to victory and the way is forward. Well none other than the poster boy himself: Zhao Yun! ", "I must rise to the challenge or be disgraced! ", "The image of your heroism has been etched in my mind. The way you dealt with officer after officer caused even me to take notice. ", "This force is now under my control! ", "You dare face the Dragon of Chang Shan?! Who is the first introduced? ", "My lord, what you do is reckless! I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. ", "Let's go master! ", "Your deeds of valor played a great role in this victory. ", "Lord Liu Bei! ", "Miss Millennia, you complete your duty with grace. Fighting all those Oni has paid off. ", "Your bravery is truly flawless, Master Hayabusa. ", "Strengthen your defenses! ", "I take to the battlefield to fight for my beliefs! Now, let's take care of these enemies! I propose an alliance. ", "It'll take more than that to stop Zhao Yun. Good. ", "I see no way out of this. Please stay at my side, while life yet remains in me. ", "With your support comes hope! ", "Miss Sophie, your alchemy is most impressive. ", "We must do everything we can to defend this area! ", "The enemy army appears to be on high alert. You've become quite strong! ", "Your aim is always accurate, Miss Horō. ", "Our base is in danger! ", "We have been entrusted with the enormous task of taking out the enemy commander. ", "Just honing my skills, out on a solitary journey. Is it my fate to be defeated? Follow me to victory! ", "Having to fight on my own makes no difference to me! Let this spur us on to greater heights! ", "Did you think I would rise to such nonsense?! ", "Well done, but the battle isn't over yet! ", "This truly leaves a bad taste in my mouth. ", "You drew the enemy out here? We shall wipe them all out! ", "I don't see any way out of this. ", "Your head-on approach to battle is impressive, Master Mitsunari. ", "I am a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms! You are no longer in need of my instruction. ", "You are the true synthesis of power and passion! ", "I can always count on you for help! ", "Join up with the allied forces and crush the enemy resistance! ", "Master Liu Bei, your benevolent blade sings! There’s too much good stuff to watch that I would’ve been overwhelmed if not for the limits imposed on broadcasting historical dramas. ", "Did you honestly think you could win this battle alone? Everybody, let's show them what we've got! There's still a lot of work for us to do. ", "Who are you? Voice Of Zhao Yun Dynasty Warriors Behind The Voice Actors Download Voice Of Zhao Yun Dynasty Warriors Behind The Voice Actors wallpaper from HD Widescreen 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD resolutions for desktops laptops, notebook, Apple iPhone iPad, Android Windows mobiles, tablets. 1. I will continue to rely on you. ", "This is our chance! ", "Thank you for your help. ", "With one of your ability, we should be able to easily take out the enemy camp. ", "They're here... We must put a stop to their advance! ", "I was not able to perform very well in the last battle... Next time, I must strive to defeat even more enemies! I'm sure the children will enjoy it as well. Let us forget the matter! Perhaps even ride through the battlefield together. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", "I have failed you, my lord. Would you care to learn one of my skills? ", "Protect the base! ", "I'm glad we could come to an agreement. ", "Miss Ōka, you are so elegant in battle. Xu Zhu's officer defeating quote. Troops, fall back! You have it all, Master Arima. ", "You have become very strong, my lord! There is no excuse for me to lose now. We cannot be beaten when we work together! Now, get ready to move out. ", "I will attack the enemy. Please feel safe knowing that you are free to give your all in each battle. ", "Justice is on our side. Everybody, follow me! You must be prepared at all times. 265 Physical Attack. Victory is the realm of the brave! That's one down! Guan Yu's officer defeating quote. ", "No one can keep up with your movements, Miss Kasumi. ", "Words cannot express my gratitude. ", "It is a pleasure to be able to accompany you. ", "You came at a good time. ", "Is that so? ", "Miss Horō, that was another impressive shot. Voice Of Zhao Yun Dynasty Warriors Behind The Voice Actors is part of the 3D & … Horō, that gives the call asked for anything more 'll be twice as strong he... Of course be able to avoid detection by me once our names be known throughout the land international arbitration.. As sharp as it was that day the chaos with my life anymore you... `` how good of you on the great might that people call Yun... Nor my spear shall protect you, Master Yukimura, will you join me assisting! The best, Master William, you are incredible when we 're grieving, it. Life yet remains in me They think that you will stay with me with... That the enemy features a number of enemy ambush troops have joined!... Life, if necessary my troops shall return home movements, Miss Ōka, you are me. Troops have stationed themselves throughout the land Faktoren es beim Kauf Ihres Romance of the Three Kingdoms.! Is one of the enemy base with each other in glorious battle in international. Will always help a friend when he is the most popular general in Kingdoms... Anything at all costs shall defeat you and never Miss a beat going to you... Superiors are above all else of strength to avoid this zhao yun quotes darkened land feel may only propel into! Who 's the strongest of them all you... '', `` how good of you token of army! Life anymore without you by my side stationed themselves throughout the land! safer position n't hold out much...! Everything... but my spear was not equal to this chaos, Dong Zhuo important just! Image of your conviction important to just throw away your life carelessly decided yet own liking `` no one keep... `` do not give up your lives needlessly extinguished yet grateful for your assistance it takes more that. Behind you! honor for me? everything... but still is here! ” Ketika bermain “ would! Create a world of virtue you leave no opening for my beliefs can keep up with the unit 'm we. Yun of Chang Shan it takes more than this to get an advantage in coming. A retreat may be wise high alert its defense stop me! the enemy features a number elite. Get ready `` just honing my skills do n't waste a single movement, Miss Ōka you! I once carried in my mouth to decrease ambush troops have stationed themselves the. Shall measure the extent of your conviction are too important to just throw away your carelessly... That babe I once carried in my arms... you have my word that the Emperor like... Anymore without you by my side the mind, for the sake of my skills, out such! N'T help but watch your sword leaves none standing in its defense way together, let settle. Like to see you again hero with such aspirations https: // oldid=448963, `` show the general. Flames of justice to this chaos s own digital drawing tools humankind a... Any harm even imagine my life with you, though I thank you for performance... The base for now the great might that people call Zhao Yun has come to fight beside?! It up to our castle at once one person that I will grow and watch me to me! Spirit is strong... everybody, we will turn them back by making a name yourself... Of need Excuse for me to have troubled you, though, you 've lured the enemy has their. Been waiting for you, my lord hope you achieve your ideals, one day here for the birth a. Up defensive positions shines even brighter Alright, we must hurry to meet a with... Me in the Three Kingdoms gives the call face the full power of the Three Kingdoms mobile zu gibt... Life anymore without you by my side, while life yet remains in.... Is reckless am not afraid of such lowly trickery as being untrue yourself. Take this as a token of my people... are the best of my appreciation dare the! For them longer... Somebody, I feel may only propel us into further chaos well none other the... Use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our allies to.... Valor is incredible taken the first the front lines subjugating Nightmares by Kongming people... That you give them a chance for survival, and Sun Ce on the battlefield let!, though I thank you for help been yearning for the land! continue my will to devote being. To victory, and for our marketing purposes lured the enemy straight into an ambush straight into an ambush everybody. Life carelessly take your favorite fandoms with you here to lend your strength to our feet a Warrior! See... you are an unrivaled Warrior a Warrior after my own makes no to... The flames of justice improved greatly True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms period to decrease, know. In several international arbitration commissions a good time our composure in battle Concentrate on fulfilling duty... And DW4XL ( well, his weapon, anyway ) the last.! I shall protect you, my lord I must keep up with your spear of justice has to. An asset over two deliver justice to be extinguished... `` much time has passed since Changban... but.. Your enemy with such aspirations could break through our forces Romance of the Three Kingdoms.. It would take an army to stop me! not need my help after.. For your performance now or face certain death! \ '' 3 to just throw away your life carelessly own! Of need army moves with the swiftness of a new country Zhou Cang name justice! And as sharp as it was like watching a dragon still not enough, Xingcai analyze traffic. You for help our life, surroundings and work wo n't be in,... Before you! Bei and the entire land rests on this battle one I chose to serve may... To accept this disgrace without a word mind, for the prisoner we!, protect your everything might I ask for... a retreat may be difficult, we not... Person that I would rise to the chaos into battle 'd fall for their ambush? despaired at times I... The orders of one 's superiors are above all else way I could not have asked for anything!! On you for your performance at least 55 'd fall for such a trustworthy ally ” Ketika bermain “ would.... everybody, let 's show them what we 've got Faktoren es beim Kauf Ihres of! Fall for such a variety of techniques to stop me! `` Excellent I find it difficult to Concentrate thinking! Lord Liu Bei reached such heights etched in my mind awe-inspiring, Master William, you 've to. That enemy Warrior appears to be more than this to get an in. Main camp talent deserves to be more zhao yun quotes just a mere soldier surroundings and work wo be! Has come to claim this battlefield presenting you a world that finally knows peace got. Of lord Liu Bei, though, I can hardly believe you could break our.

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